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Emptying the pool

As a Yes supporter, and activist, I often feel that combating the anti-independence lies and deceptions is like emptying a swimming pool using a teaspoon, you'll get there eventually but it takes an awful long time. It isn't that our arguments are poor or that we don't have the skills to present them, it is just that we don't have access to the means of mass communication. No sooner do we make some progress than the mainstream media turn on their taps and the pool rapidly fills again.

Rise and Fall of a No Campaign Meme

Two things happened on June 23rd, 2016: the UK voted to leave the EU and the campaign for Scottish independence was reinvigorated. One of the foundations of the Better Together campaign in 2014 was that by voting "No" people were guaranteed to stay members of the EU. In the course of one day in June these foundations were completely undermined and the No campaign knew they were in trouble.

Nasty campaign coming

Plumbing the depths

It is a common political technique to do some research prior to launching a campaign or announcing a new policy to assess how voters might react. Sometimes this research takes the form of focus groups, sometimes it is opinion polling. If you want to get genuine responses it is usually advisable to get an agency or polling company to conduct the research anonymously otherwise the respondents may tailor their answers according to their political prejudices. In recent times, with the prevalance of the Internet, online opinion polling is probably the most common and cost effective. The polling companies then manage panels of voters who they invite to complete the polls.

The National Roadshow, WGD & Independence Conference

Three free events for the price of one

Mark your diaries for three great FREE events coming up in Lochaber this April.

Inform Scotland & Banners

Helping you get the message out

Many of you will already be aware of the Mis-reporting Scotland campaign being launched by Inform Scotland. This coming Monday, January 16th, a series of giant billboards will appear in cities across Scotland questioning the BBC's impartiality in the reporting of Scottish politics. The purpose of the billboards are to draw people to the Inform Scotland website where they can read for themselves how our media are failing to accurately report and communicate.

The Good Guy

Guy Verhofstadt appointed as EU Parliament lead negotiator for Brexit

Flemish politician Guy Verhofstadt has been chosen as the EU Parliament's lead negotiator for the forthcoming Brexit negotiations. The former Belgian Prime Minister, MEP and leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe is also the founder of the Spinelli Group which aims for greater federalism within the EU. It is also rumoured that Mr. Verhofstadt's candidacy to become EU Commission President in 2004, following Romani Prodi, was opposed by the UK when Tony Blair was still Prime Minister.

Formby Corbyn MacDonnel

Caption contest

Welcome to our first ever caption contest for the new website.

Please use the comments section below to tell us your interpretation of what is going on in the photograph shown above. Humour and satire please but no abuse or sweary words. You can comment as many times as you like. No prizes, it is just for fun.

The Invincibles

If you want to present yourself as superior, better suited to rule or even infallible, you can't come out and say it directly, that would come across as crass and arrogant. It is not even possible to get other people to say it on your behalf, that would be sycophantic. What you can do is employ techniques which give the impression you are born to rule and this is exactly what is done by a group we will call The Invincibles.

Type 26 frigates: "indefinitely delayed"

Another No campaign broken promise

The Guardian is reporting that the order for the Global Combat Ship, also known as the Type 26 Frigate, due to be built at the BAE yards on the Clyde is to be "indefinitely delayed". Originally, 13 of the GCS ships were to be built on the Clyde but that was then reduced to just 8 ships and now the order is possibly cancelled completely. This comes scarcely two days after the controversial vote to renew Trident at a cost of £205Bn.

A reality check

Just imagine a highly intelligent creature landing on Scotland from a distant planet (not England!) with a name like Curious. Let's say it has come to examine the prospect of young people being able to cope with the complex challenges of our pre-independence society. Doubtless Curious would be impressed by most of our educational institutions – some of the finest in the world. However tuition is just one part of a young person's life. It's unavoidably structured with pressure to maintain routines that can at times be alien and therefore devoid of any sense of natural ownership.

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