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Emptying the pool

As a Yes supporter, and activist, I often feel that combating the anti-independence lies and deceptions is like emptying a swimming pool using a teaspoon, you'll get there eventually but it takes an awful long time. It isn't that our arguments are poor or that we don't have the skills to present them, it is just that we don't have access to the means of mass communication. No sooner do we make some progress than the mainstream media turn on their taps and the pool rapidly fills again.

Rise and Fall of a No Campaign Meme

Two things happened on June 23rd, 2016: the UK voted to leave the EU and the campaign for Scottish independence was reinvigorated. One of the foundations of the Better Together campaign in 2014 was that by voting "No" people were guaranteed to stay members of the EU. In the course of one day in June these foundations were completely undermined and the No campaign knew they were in trouble.

Nasty campaign coming

Plumbing the depths

It is a common political technique to do some research prior to launching a campaign or announcing a new policy to assess how voters might react. Sometimes this research takes the form of focus groups, sometimes it is opinion polling. If you want to get genuine responses it is usually advisable to get an agency or polling company to conduct the research anonymously otherwise the respondents may tailor their answers according to their political prejudices. In recent times, with the prevalance of the Internet, online opinion polling is probably the most common and cost effective. The polling companies then manage panels of voters who they invite to complete the polls.

Independence: it's not a game

Ad's so bad even Better Together didn't use them

Corbyn honeymoon period?

Corbyn honeymoon period? Don't be silly.

The new Labour leader experiences what Project Fear II feels like. Just as we predicted Jeremy Corbyn is discovering what it is like to be lambasted by the English press on his first working day as the leader of the opposition. Prepared by the exceedingly long leadership contest the newspapers haven't lost time getting their knives stuck in:

Princess Nicola

The most dangerous woman in the galaxy?

Well, we weren't sure this was legitimate at first because it looked like they spent less than 10 minutes with the photo editing software to create this image.

The National

New Indie supporting daily newspaper to launch next week

The Drum is reporting that owners of the Herald and Sunday Herald, Newsquest, will be launching a new daily newspaper next week. The newspaper will be priced at 50p, available from Monday November 24th and will support Scottish Independence. The "National" will initially be published as a pilot.

Tory MSP Ordered Out Of Indie Debate

Better Together give Jamie McGrigor his marching orders

The Oban Times is reporting on a stushie surrounding Tory MSP for the Highlands and Islands Jamie McGrigor and his withdrawal from an independence debate on Skye. Now, there are all sorts of reasons why someone might pull out from a debate but in this case it is being reported that he was given his marching orders by the No campaign organisation Better Together.

Manufacturing a "grassroots" campaign

With a little help from your friends (BBC, city bankers and the UK government)

So, your campaign is in the doldrums, the polls are looking bad and your public face is Alistair Darling. What to do? Bring in the brand consultants and see what they suggest.

Sunday Herald Declares for Yes

Front page designed by Alasdair Gray

We have highlighted some previous Sunday Herald front pages in Wildfire because they have provided a welcome relief from the staunch unionist stance of all the other major newspapers sold in Scotland. However, we didn't expect the Sunday Herald to declare for Yes (or at least not this soon)

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