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Political silly season continues

A couple of articles in today's Mirror exemplifies the struggle newspapers have to fill their politics sections while the parliaments are in recess. It's not that there aren't topics that could be discussed, it is just that these either don't fit the newspapers' agenda or they consider them to lack entertainment value.

Corbyn honeymoon period?

Corbyn honeymoon period? Don't be silly.

The new Labour leader experiences what Project Fear II feels like. Just as we predicted Jeremy Corbyn is discovering what it is like to be lambasted by the English press on his first working day as the leader of the opposition. Prepared by the exceedingly long leadership contest the newspapers haven't lost time getting their knives stuck in:

Co-op Labour funding to remain

Vote at AGM goes in favour of continued funding of the Labour Party

A motion at today's Co-operative AGM passed by 55 to 45 (those numbers seem familiar) to continue funding the Co-operative Party. As all Co-operative party candidates are also Labour Party candidates it means the Co-op indirectly funds the Labour Party.


Former Labour MP expresses what he really thinks of voters

The Irvine Times is reporting that former Labour MP for Central Ayrshire, Brian Donohoe was, to put it mildly, quite forthright in his opinion of voters in the constituency. 


From the serious to the barmy


In Berlin renowned artist Davide Dormino has unveiled three impressive bronze sculptures honouring the whistleblowers: Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning.

Ed on the chopping block?

That would be Andy

Ed Miliband couldn't have been clearer:

24 hours from...

Glasgow not Tulsa

Images of what looks like a pre-election day leaflet from Labour have been posted on the internet. Rumours suggest that they may be delivered only in the Glasgow area but could just as easily be delivered country wide or limited to targeted constituencies.

Miliband: moderate Tory champion

Is Labour now considering Scotland is lost?

As if Labour in Scotland didn't have their troubles to seek Miliband is now trying to make an explicit appeal to Tory voters in England. In an interview given to The Observer he states:

The Real Co-op

The Co-op is "owned by our members"

The Co-op group (which includes the supermarket, insurance, banking and many other businesses) funds The Co-operative Party. It is a party which many people won't have heard about because it does not stand candidates in its own right in elections. Instead, the Co-operative Party works in an exclusive partnership with the Labour Party. Most customers of the Co-op won't be aware that their spending is funding Labour Party candidates.

Miliband in Salmond's pocket

SNP in Tory billboard (for England only?)

Grudging admiration?

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