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UK: "the most successful political union in history"


One of the latest mantras from the No campaign is that the UK is "the most successful political union in history". Two questions immediately spring to mind: by what measure and for whom? We have never seen these questions asked or answered in the mainstream media.

Johann Lamont insults the nation again

The embodiment of the "too stupid" mantra

During a debate with Deputy First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, on Scotland Tonight (STV) Johann Lamont, Leader of Labour in Scotland, makes the quite incredible claim that:

First Minister's speech rebutting UK Chancellor's scaremongering

Alex Salmond on the Scottish economy and currency union

Alex Salmond gave a speech today, February 17th 2014, in Aberdeen where he reiterated the Scottish government's intention to continue a positive campaign in contrast to the sneering negativity from a string of UK coalition government ministers.

George Osborne Running Scared

UK Chancellor refuses interview or to answer questions

Just like his coalition government colleagues, David Cameron and William Hague, George Osborne makes an anti-independence and, in this case, an anti-Scotland speech but refuses to answer questions from the press.

The Labour MP and the Oil Tycoon

The No campaign best buddies

"If the Scottish people are going to be better off economically and so on, I would still be against breaking away from the Union."
Jim Hood (Labour) MP,
Member for Lanark and Hamilton East
Scotland's Place in the UK, House of Commons, 6th February 2014.

BBC Journalist Tells The Truth

From the "surely not" files

So ingrained has the expectation of biased reporting from the BBC become that when you see, or hear, a balanced and factual account you are taken aback.

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