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By-election roundup

The results are in...

Following on from the stunning SNP win in Glenrothes West and Kinglassie here are the results for the other Scottish by-elections held yesterday.

SNP gain in Glenrothes West and Kinglassie

SNP now control the town's area committee

SNP candidate, Craig Walker, takes over 55% of the vote in the Fife by-election. The second placed Labour candidate took just over 35%.

SNP tops 100,000 members

Will member no. 100,000 get a special prize?

The Real Co-op

The Co-op is "owned by our members"

The Co-op group (which includes the supermarket, insurance, banking and many other businesses) funds The Co-operative Party. It is a party which many people won't have heard about because it does not stand candidates in its own right in elections. Instead, the Co-operative Party works in an exclusive partnership with the Labour Party. Most customers of the Co-op won't be aware that their spending is funding Labour Party candidates.

Miliband in Salmond's pocket

SNP in Tory billboard (for England only?)

Grudging admiration?

Danny to unveil Union Flag

Yes lost and don't you forget it

The Daily Mail is reporting that our old friend Danny Alexander will unveil a logo tomorrow which which will be placed onto any capital project funded by the UK government.

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