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Nasty campaign coming

Plumbing the depths

It is a common political technique to do some research prior to launching a campaign or announcing a new policy to assess how voters might react. Sometimes this research takes the form of focus groups, sometimes it is opinion polling. If you want to get genuine responses it is usually advisable to get an agency or polling company to conduct the research anonymously otherwise the respondents may tailor their answers according to their political prejudices. In recent times, with the prevalance of the Internet, online opinion polling is probably the most common and cost effective. The polling companies then manage panels of voters who they invite to complete the polls.

The National Roadshow, WGD & Independence Conference

Three free events for the price of one

Mark your diaries for three great FREE events coming up in Lochaber this April.

Inform Scotland & Banners

Helping you get the message out

Many of you will already be aware of the Mis-reporting Scotland campaign being launched by Inform Scotland. This coming Monday, January 16th, a series of giant billboards will appear in cities across Scotland questioning the BBC's impartiality in the reporting of Scottish politics. The purpose of the billboards are to draw people to the Inform Scotland website where they can read for themselves how our media are failing to accurately report and communicate.

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