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Ginger Rodent Stew

"It's Danny or the Nationalists"

It will be the Talk of the Glens all right but probably not for the reasons Danny would be hoping for.

Red Tories

Yellow Tories and original blue Tories too

Anyone studying the policies supported by the three main Westminster parties in recent years would be hard pressed to find any significant differences between them. This close grouping of the Tories, LibDems and Labour as right wing parties has been confirmed by the website Political Compass (who plot the parties' policies on a chart measuring left/right and authoritarianism/libertarianism).

Money talks

Latest political party donations report illustrates double standards

Everyone involved in the referendum campaign (on either side) couldn't fail to remember the brouhaha about the Weir's donations to the Yes Campaign and the SNP.

Campaigning: Labour style

Great photo op', wrong place

Labour candidate for Glenrothes and Central Fife, Melanie Ward and Labour health spokeswoman Jenny Marra decided to have their photo taken outside Glenwood Health Centre in Glenrothes as part of their campaign claiming that there was an NHS staffing problem.

Highland LibDem Wipeout?

Electoral Calculus predicts Kennedy, Alexander and Thurso to lose Westminster seats

Election prediction specialists Electoral Calculus are predicting that all three Highland seats currently held by the Liberal Democrats will fall to the SNP in May's General Election.

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