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The Independence Hurdles

There is no doubt that the UK is heading on a downward spiral with: an incompetent right-wing Prime Minister in charge, the economy in peril as we (possibly) crash out of the Single Market & Customs Union and a Westminster government power grab. In Scotland we have a get out of jail free card in the form of achieving independence, but we have some hurdles to overcome before we achieve it.


So, you think the Brexit situation is complex. Nope! It is actually very simple. In fact, Bill Clinton had the answer way back in 1992: "It's the economy, stupid". The central issue with the Brexit negotiations is the Single Market and the UK's continuing access to it after withdrawal from EU membership. That's it, in a nutshell. It is the UK's single largest market and without it the UK economy will get worse, a lot worse.

Political silly season continues

A couple of articles in today's Mirror exemplifies the struggle newspapers have to fill their politics sections while the parliaments are in recess. It's not that there aren't topics that could be discussed, it is just that these either don't fit the newspapers' agenda or they consider them to lack entertainment value.

From No to Yes - Laura

The forthcoming referendum is not about old country rivalry, as I have been explaining to our German friends, but about Scotland’s position now. As a former supporter of the UK Union (albeit a lukewarm one) I see that Independence would serve Scottish interests better. Unlike other countries, Scotland has the infrastructure to support the changeover and there would be less step changes required than going ahead with Brexit. However, to explain my thoughts on Independence and Brexit I need to go back to the morning when the EU referendum result was announced.

Brexit won't work

Who says Brexit won't work?

Well, Theresa May actually. Here are her actual words less than one year ago:

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