Editorial policy

In short: other than supporting Scottish independence we don't have an editorial policy.

We actively encourage debate and discussion on any and all political topics and we won't push a particular agenda. No individual party, politician or policies will be given preferential treatment. Our contributors will have particular views and are free to express them but that won't prevent us from publishing contrary views from others. If you see something you disagree with please feel free to comment below the article. If you would like to construct a longer response you can contact us with a view to submitting an article.

Submitted articles should be around 1,000 words but a wee bit shorter or longer is fine too.

The one thing we insist upon is that all discussions are conducted in a civil manner. Bad language and abuse do not contribute to understanding and will not be tolerated. Any comments of an abusive nature or using bad language will be deleted as soon as they are seen.

Comment on this website is entirely free and we won't require you to sign-in here or elsewhere before commenting. We will take other (technical) measures to reduce spam as otherwise bots would soon render the comments section unusable.

Although, we support an independent Scotland this would not preclude us from accepting articles which logically and coherently made the positive case for the union. Go on, convince us!

We support independence and are independent.