Inform Scotland Billboard Campaign

On Monday, 16th of January, 2017, giant billboards with the message "Is the BBC Misreporting Scotland?" will appear in some of the more populous areas of Scotland. This was paid for after a hugely successful crowdfunder initiated by volunteer group Inform Scotland.

However, regardless of how sucessful the crowdfunder was, the funds raised are still finite and only a few billboards could be afforded. The public in many parts of Scotland will never see the billboards and won't have the opportunity to discover the excellent website.

Inform Scotland Billboard

"We are ordinary people, tired of the distortions of ‘news’ reporting on BBC Scotland where ‘spin’ and opinion have long replaced fact."
Inform Scotland


To maximise the number of views the billboards had to be sited in the larger urban areas of Scotland. The smaller towns and rural areas won't get them. We anticipated this problem and have worked with Inform Scotland to put in place a solution: banners for everyone.


Any individual or group wanting to assist the MIS-REPORTING SCOTLAND campaign can do so by purchasing one or more banners at a special price arranged by us.

All you need to do is complete the short form below, make a payment and the banner(s) will be delivered to your door.


We would like to make clear that we receive no finacial gain from this arrangement. Our only objective was to get a great price from a reputable supplier to help the MIS-REPORTING SCOTLAND campaign.


All the banners supplied through this arrangement will come pre-printed with the Inform Scotland graphic shown above.


Based on our extensive experience of erecting banners during the first referendum campaign we make the following recommendations.

  • We would strongly recommend that everyone uses the banners with frames. The frames keep the banners taught, which in turn improves visibility and reduces wear & tear. The frames also make it easier to mount the banners, particularly on walls.
  • Banners should, if possible, be installed well above head height to reduce the likelihood of vandalism. A minimum of 3m is recommended. Alternatively, banners can be installed well inside the curtilage of private property where vandals are less likely to venture.
  • It is preferable in all cases to use the larger banners. The larger banners are easier to see and comprehend if traffic is moving fast or is some distance from the banner. The smaller banners are more suitable to use where viewers are mainly pedestrians.
  • Banners should only be erected on your own property or where you have permission.

We would like to wish you well with your banner campaign.

If you have any questions, or special requirements, send us an email using the contact form.



Your forename

Your surname

Your email address

Name of the group you belong to. Enter "none" if an individual.

An approximate location of banner(s) e.g. Inverness

Number required of large banner with frame (frame is 3m x 1.25m) £168.82 each + VAT

Number required of medium banner with frame (frame is 2m x 1m) £114.32 each + VAT

Number required of large banner NO frame (banner is 3m x 1m) £53.13 each + VAT

Number required of medium banner NO frame (banner is 2m x 1m) £37.93 each + VAT

Cost of delivery + VAT