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Political silly season continues

A couple of articles in today's Mirror exemplifies the struggle newspapers have to fill their politics sections while the parliaments are in recess. It's not that there aren't topics that could be discussed, it is just that these either don't fit the newspapers' agenda or they consider them to lack entertainment value.

Formby Corbyn MacDonnel

Caption contest

Welcome to our first ever caption contest for the new website.

Please use the comments section below to tell us your interpretation of what is going on in the photograph shown above. Humour and satire please but no abuse or sweary words. You can comment as many times as you like. No prizes, it is just for fun.

Heart of Europe

SwissScotSwap is on the cards

Following on from Nicola Sturgeon's highly successful EU diplomacy in Brussels last week the FM has been conducting innovative talks with Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann. The talks, referrred to as SwissScotSwap in diplomatic circles, will see Scotland brought geographically to the centre of the EU. We are indebted to the respected investigative media outlet Der Postillon (German) for breaking this vitally important story.

Danny to unveil Union Flag

Yes lost and don't you forget it

The Daily Mail is reporting that our old friend Danny Alexander will unveil a logo tomorrow which which will be placed onto any capital project funded by the UK government.

Pets fur Yes

Paws and Claws Up for Yes

There is an ever growing list of groups supporting a Yes vote in the referendum on September 18th. We have NHS for Yes, Farming4Yes, Women for Independence, Labour for Independence, Lawyers for Yes and lots, lots more.

England World Cup Polling

1966 and all that

We were looking around on the website of the polling organisation Survation when we came across a little curiosity of a poll commissioned by the Huffington Post and published on June 11th.

Manufacturing a "grassroots" campaign

With a little help from your friends (BBC, city bankers and the UK government)

So, your campaign is in the doldrums, the polls are looking bad and your public face is Alistair Darling. What to do? Bring in the brand consultants and see what they suggest.

Something for the weekend

Fishing for compliments?

A short while ago we presented you with the photograph of Alistair Darling and asked you to come up with some suitable captions.

Our future Prime Minister

If Scotland votes No

We had considered writing an April Fools' story for today but frankly most of the No campaign scare stories are so ridiculous that a hoax in comparison would seem sane.

Lucozade collaboration with Yes Scotland

Subliminal advertising?

For those of us who don't see billboards on a regular basis (that'll be most of the Highlands for a start) we present Lucozade's latest campaign advertisement. Yes Scotland don't have any connection with the campaign (at least that we know about) but they must be delighted.

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