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Where's George?

UK in shambles yet the Chancellor has gone missing

An astounding referendum result will take the UK out of the European Union, the Pound is in free-fall, the stock market has plummeted, there are hourly announcements of major employers leaving the UK and the Prime Minister has resigned. An omnishambles doesn't even begin to describe the mess the UK is in and yet George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, hasn't been seen in public since before the EURef.

News where you are

The newspapers on the day after Brexit

We take a quick look round the main Scottish and rUK newspapers on the day after Brexit to gauge how the referendum result is being presented. We have also included a few continental European newspaper front pages, just for fun.

Have EU heard?

Britain out, IndieRef back, Dave going

Well, for a campaign that started off as uninspiring and lacklustre the EU Referendum has turned into one of the most fascinating political events ever. The polls predicted that it would be close and it was with 52% Leave and 48% Remain. In Scotland, however, Remain scored an emphatic 62% emphasising, yet again, how different the political scene is here compared to rUK. All of Scotland's 32 local authority areas voted Remain although some, like Moray at 50.1%, were much closer than others.

Too close to call

EU Referendum result on a knife edge

There is only one campaigning day left before the referendum is held on Thursday and the UK result seems to be too close to call. The financial markets and the bookies (Betfair on Monday were offering 5 to 1 for Brexit) seem to be suggesting that Remain had it in the bag but the UK's only known psephologist, John Curtice, warned against discounting a Leave majority. The pollsters are all over the place.

Death knell

The Sun: they think it's all over (in England)

The Sun newspaper likes to be seen on the winning side of any political decision as it is good for their circulation figures. In the last few days there have been some strong polling suggesting that the Leave campaign would be victorious a week on Thursday. Polls are just snapshots of opinion at a given time and there are nine days of scaremongering campaigning still to go.

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