Death knell

The Sun: they think it's all over (in England)

The Sun newspaper likes to be seen on the winning side of any political decision as it is good for their circulation figures. In the last few days there have been some strong polling suggesting that the Leave campaign would be victorious a week on Thursday. Polls are just snapshots of opinion at a given time and there are nine days of scaremongering campaigning still to go.

However, The Sun does have a good record of choosing the winning side and it doesn't harm the Leave campaign to have approximately 3.5 million leaflets in circulation. Undoubtedly, now that The Sun has made a stance they will be hammering away on the Leave side until referendum day.

You can read The Sun's front page editorial here and we would recommend this as accompaniment to enhance your sensory enjoyment.

The Sun: UK edition The Sun: Scottish edition


We would also like to draw your attention to the front page of The Sun in Scotland (shown, above right) which in comparison only has a small "Brexit" column. This is not the first time that the same newspaper, on the same day, have taken different stances in Scotland and the UK. It won't be the last time either.


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