Watching you, watching everyone

Take two

In 2013 Edward Snowden leaked documents which disclosed the extent of global surveillance mostly carried out by the USA but also assisted by the governments in the UK, Canada and Australia. The disclosures made it clear that the surveillance was attempting to capture everything that anyone was doing online or on their mobiles.

The two videos presented below take very different approaches to alerting us to the very real dangers to our privacy through state surveillance. The first video is from Liberty and it takes a quirky and humorous approach to the subject.

The second video is the official trailer for the forthcoming Hollywood biopic on Edward Snowden directed by Oliver Stone. The main objectives of the film will be to entertain and to make a profit but it will also hopefully present the complex issues of state surveillance in an accessible way.

The film will be released on September 16th this year.

Edward Snowden posts regularly on Twitter.


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