A wee reminder

A snippet from "Scotland's Future"

This incoming Thursday is the 24th of March, 2016. Had a Yes vote prevailed in the referendum, March 24th would have been Independence Day. The following is a quote from "Scotland's Future" also known as "The White Paper".

Between the referendum in 2014 and independence in 2016
The period between the referendum and independence will see negotiations with the rest of the UK, represented by the Westminster Government, and with the EU and other international partners and organisations.

Following these preparations and negotiations, Scotland will assume our status as an independent country on 24 March 2016.

Instead, we are enduring:

  • A majority Tory government at Westminster
  • The almost certain renewal of Trident
  • A politically motivated austerity programme targeting the poorest and most disadvataged
  • An in/out EU Referendum
  • Despite the "broad shoulders of the UK" the loss of thousands of oil sector jobs
  • Continuing and new foreign wars
  • Broken promises on shipbuilding leading to thousands more jobs lost
  • Increasing numbers reliant on foodbanks

If only we could have done something to avoid these things.


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