Where's George?

UK in shambles yet the Chancellor has gone missing

An astounding referendum result will take the UK out of the European Union, the Pound is in free-fall, the stock market has plummeted, there are hourly announcements of major employers leaving the UK and the Prime Minister has resigned. An omnishambles doesn't even begin to describe the mess the UK is in and yet George Osborne, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, hasn't been seen in public since before the EURef.

Quite apart from his responsibility to be doing things to steady the markets and inject confidence into the UK economy the position of Chancellor is often viewed as the number two position in government. The Chancellor should be filling the vacuum created by David Cameron's resignation announcement. Instead Mr. Osborne has run away and hidden, and it isn't the first time.

This is the same Chancellor who wanted to cultivate a tough image (see photo above), who would refuse use of the Pound to an independent Scotland and promised a punishment budget should the UK vote Leave in the EU referendum. None of these things were true. We expect the Chancellor is honing his resignation speech and he will be gone by Monday (tomorrow) afternoon.

The only thing which will probably save the Tories is that Labour is in an even bigger mess. Not only do we not have a government we don't have an official opposition either.

For the next IndieRef these Westminster government ministers should be fully scrutinised by the media and not treated like untouchable big beasts of politics.


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