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Many of you will already be aware of the Mis-reporting Scotland campaign being launched by Inform Scotland. This coming Monday, January 16th, a series of giant billboards will appear in cities across Scotland questioning the BBC's impartiality in the reporting of Scottish politics. The purpose of the billboards are to draw people to the Inform Scotland website where they can read for themselves how our media are failing to accurately report and communicate.

The big cities had to be chosen because it maximises the number of people seeing the billboards. It does mean however that smaller towns and the rural areas will miss out on this opportunity. We anticipated this problem and have worked with Inform Scotland to put in place a solution: banners for everyone.

Using our experience of producing banners for the 2014 Yes campaign we have negotiated a great deal with a reputable supplier so any individual or group in Scotland can get banners pre-printed with the Inform Scotland graphics. In essence, everyone can have their own mini billboard in their own areas.

To get your own banner(s) all you need to do is complete the short form on this webpage, make a payment to the supplier and the ready made banners will be delivered directly to your door.

We would like to make clear that we receive no finacial gain from this arrangement. Our only objective was to get a great price from a reputable supplier to help the Mis-reporting Scotland campaign.

We will be sending out a follow-up Wildfire shortly with details of a special crowdfunding arrangement being negotiated. This way we will be able to utilise the country-wide interest in the Mis-reporting Scotland campaign to help fund your banners.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.


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