David Cameron: epic fail

Tories reduced to ridiculous fear story

Conservative leader David Cameron seems to be reduced to one desperate campaign tactic in an attempt to rescue his faltering bid for a second term as Prime Minister. In essence the Tory fear story is: you better not vote for Labour as they will be controlled by these Nasty Nats. The problem for the Tory leader is he can't even get this one fear story right.

On Wednesday David Cameron Tweeted:

This footage will shock you: Alex Salmond laughs & boasts he’ll write Labour’s budget. Vote Conservative to stop it.

The Tweet then has an embedded 28 second video showing a relaxed Alex Salmond talking in front of an audience at a public meeting for SNP candidate Ian Blackford. The former First Minister is actually making a joke in reference to a Conservative advert placed on billboards all over England and Wales. The Miliband in Salmond's pocket billboard has been mercilessly parodied on the internet for weeks.

For Mr. Cameron to pretend not to realise this was a joke about his own billboard campaign stretches credibility to breaking point and beyond. However, that hasn't stopped the right wing mainstream media from jumping on the story with glee as the Daily Mail front page demonstrates.

If you have the media on your side perhaps no story is too preposterous.


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