Missing in action

Jeremy is not in the privy

There has been much speculation in the press as to whether Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn would attend today's Privy Council meeting (Thursday) and whether he would bend his knee and kiss the hand of the Queen. In the end he announced that he had a "prior commitment" and wouldn't be attending the meeting. The nature of the "prior commitment" has not been disclosed.

Now, we don't know what the prior commitment was either but we do know that Mr. Corbyn is pretty far away from all the pomp and circumstance of the Privy Council. Not only has Mr. Corbyn been spotted on Fort William High Street today but we know at least one of our readers have spoken to the Labour leader.

We would like to wish Mr. Corbyn a happy holiday in the Highlands, if that is indeed what he is doing. He can enjoy some glorious sunny weather and leave worries about kneeling and hand kissing until another day.


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