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The Times/YouGov poll puts SNP on 53 seats

A YouGov poll commissioned by The Times puts the SNP on 49% (up 3 points) and Labour on 25% (down 4 points). Translated to seats this would give the SNP 53, Labour 4 and Tories and LibDems on 1 each.

Also of note in the YouGov poll were questions regarding the Scottish leaders' debate on Tuesday (STV). Of those who followed the debate 56% thought Sturgeon was the winner with Davidson, Murphy and Rennie on 14%, 13% and 1% respectively. Interestingly, only 44% of Labour supporters thought Murphy had won it while 88% of SNP supporters thought Sturgeon had done best.

At the UK level Labour and Tories are still polling neck and neck which gives the SNP projection extra spice.

Even if this poll is accurate there are still over 26 days to go before election day and things could yet change dramatically.


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