Union Jack begone

Well, maybe

The New Zealand government is currently running a referendum process which will decide which flag the country will use in the future. The first stage of the process asked for people to submit their ideas and designs for a possible new flag. The second stage of the process asked voters to select one of the five shortlisted designs. The second stage has now completed and the selected Silver Fern design will go up against the existing Union Jack based flag in a postal referendum in March 2016. The two flags are shown in the image below.

In March New Zealand's voters will be asked whether they want to choose the new design or keep the existing flag. In the recent five flag selection process around half of the country's electorate voted with just under 10% of spoilt papers. It has been widely interpreted that many of the spoilt papers were from traditionalists who didn't want a change of flag. However, if that 10% is indicative of support for the Union Jack flag then it may well be replaced by the Silver Fern in March.


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