Europe, we will vote!

Come to Brussels on March 30th

People of Scotland - we are not alone.

The International Commission of European Citizens (ICEC) are organising a demonstration in Brussels on the 30th of March at 11am at the Jubelpark. The objective of the demonstartion is to demand that the peoples of Europe have the right to self determination through democratic means.

"Come to Brussels, to reinforce the Scottish referendum that will take place on the 18th of September of 2014 and to reinforce the Catalan referendum that will take place on the 9th of November of 2014. Communicating to the world that we don’t accept threats about being expelled from the EU or any other place depending on the outcome of the referendums, because that is as much as saying that there is a political will to punish European citizens if they decide to exercise democracy."

Please sign the online petition, organised by ICEC, and show that:

"I support the initiative for the right to self-determination of the European Peoples to be formally expressed within the European Union as a fundamental human right and for its institutions to support all European Citizens and their nations should they wish to exercise this right."

The ICEC have already collected 550,000 signatures from across Europe.


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